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In an era when your client's first contact with you and your company comes through social media or your website, it is more important than ever to invest in a corporate portrait that will enhance your brand and help form a connection between you and your potential client.

Our aim is to provide images which will make you and your staff go “WOW” while maintaining a natural look and a professional, confident, friendly and approachable feel.


During the preparation stage, we will discuss your company’s branding to determine the best style for your photographs. We will also discuss their intended usage and options regarding shoot locations and poses.


The shoot will take place either at your office or at a location of your choice. Exterior backdrops can include modern architecture, textured walls or any industry appropriate locations. When shooting inside, we can incorporate as a background anything from plain backdrops, through stylish foyers, to designer furniture, artwork and any other elements corresponding with your brand style.


Before we start photographing your staff, we only need 15 minutes to set up and adjust our portable lighting equipment. We usually recommend allowing at least 10 minutes for the portraiture of each staff member as most people need a few moments before they start feeling comfortable in front of the camera. We may need extra time if we are shooting outside or at numerous locations.  


We take a large number of photographs of each staff member while ensuring consistency in the look of the photos across your entire team. During the shoot, we try to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible and we provide directions throughout the entire process.


Depending on your needs, we can cover various poses e.g. tightly cropped headshots, half body or full length shots, sitting down poses etc.


We use the latest software and modern technology to process and digitally enhance all images. We will adjust not only the colour and contrast of each image, but we will manually process each photograph, one by one, with great care, to remove any skin imperfections, uneven skin tone, dark areas under the eyes and to soften deep wrinkles.


Within 48 hours after the shoot, we will provide you with a selection of the best photos taken of your staff. These will be  in the form of low-resolution files and will already have some basic processing done to them. As a part of our package, you can then choose the 3 photographs of each staff member you would like to keep. We will then complete the retouching and editing process on these and will usually have the same ready for delivery to you within the next 24 hours. If you need, we can also crop and customise these to perfectly suit e.g. the design of your website, so that you are ready to use the photographs immediately. All images are delivered as JPG digital files.

For more information about our corporate photography services, please contact us directly via the contact details below or via our contact form.


Mobile: 0410 999 705


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