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In an era when your client's first contact with you and your company comes through social media or your website, it is more important than ever to invest in a corporate portrait that will enhance your brand and help form a connection between you and your potential client.

Our aim is to provide images which will make you and your staff go “WOW” while maintaining a natural look and a professional, confident, friendly and approachable feel.

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Aside from choosing clothing that is industry appropriate, consider choosing an outfit that has an aspirational quality, e.g. an outfit you would take to a work meeting when you want to make an extra good impression. Good corporate photography is about crafting imagery that will inspire others to want to be associated with you.


When selecting clothing for the shoot, it is preferable to avoid busy or bold patterns (flowers, polka dots, stripes etc.) as these draw attention away from your face. Also large areas of white or very light colours tend to stand out and attract attention, as well as visually making any object appear larger. A similar widening effect is created by horizontal stripes. Darker colours, on the other hand, will streamline and visually narrow ones figure.


Feel free to bring a change of clothes if you would like to try varied looks. A simple way of quickly creating a slightly different look with a more professional feel is to incorporate a well-fitted jacket in with the rest of your outfit. For men, a jacket will better define your shoulders and create a more flattering V-shape leading from your face down your torso. A watch or some "feature" jewellery also look great.


If you wear glasses, we can take photos of you with and without. If you own multiple pairs of glasses and are aware that some create less glare, then please bring these with you at least as an alternate pair. 


Make sure all your clothing is clean, free of lint and well ironed.


Make-up for the session is not required, but highly recommended for all women. Having said that, it is not advisable to go too heavy on the make-up, large amounts of foundation or powder can make you look older. Natural looking make-up to give you a clean, fresh look is perfect.

Unless you want to, it is not necessary to create elaborate hair styles, but if you choose a natural looking hair style with your hair out, it is good to give your hair a quick brush just before the shoot and to secure potential fly-aways with some hair spray, gel etc.


For both men and women, it is important to look fresh and healthy. Try to drink as much water as you can the day before and on the day of your shoot and moisturise your skin. 


Finally, try to get enough sleep the day before and enjoy the shoot.


Many people feel nervous when having their photo taken. That's normal and we always do our best to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. Even when shooting large groups, we always introduce ourselves to everyone we photograph and have a quick chat especially with those we feel are the most anxious.


We will talk to you and give you directions throughout the whole shoot, so you need not worry about looking awkward or not knowing how to stand, sit, where to look, how to hold your shoulders, whether to smile or not. That's a part of our job and we take care of that for you. We also take a large amount of photographs, so you will have plenty to choose from and for extra reassurance, we're happy to show you the images we've taken during the shoot.


Anyone who's camera shy, please read the above tips and come prepared. If you feel like you look your best, you will also feel more confident and this will come across in your photos.


If you are worried about any temporary skin imperfects, dark circles around the eyes, deep wrinkles or scars, please let us know and we're happy to remove these during the retouching process.

For more information about our corporate photography services, please contact us directly via the contact details below or via our contact form.


Mobile: 0410 999 705


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